Group roles and cooperation

I think that there are a variety of different topics from our class material that could be used for our midterm. The first topic that came to mind for me was the material discussed on “listening” that we learned early on. I feel that it will be a good analytical topic if we use the ideas of listening incorporated with how we have progressively been responding to each other as a midterm topic. If we study through each response made to each other how we have learned to “listen” to each other and use the other terms learned from class to complete our midterm I think we will find success.

The blog post Group Dynamics is about a higher level class that Stephanie taught in the Spring of 2008. This is the same style online class that we are currently working on ourselves. The main topic of discussion in the Group Dynamics (link above) class was interpersonal communication with a focus of group development. The first link that I clicked on as I scrolled down the opening page was titled Consistency and Consensus: Mutually Exclusive? This title grabbed my attention because the term mutually exclusive has been in my vocabulary because of classes I’ve taken at Umass. This term basically means two occurrences that cannot happen at the same time, or two things that are unable to be true at the same time. Reading through this post brings up ideas of roles and tasks and the ability to be able to respond in such a short time period. Stephanie uses links of these words to google searches to help explain the point that she is going for. For example, when I read about the idea of tasks being more important than roles the link I clicked on led me to an article titled, “Benne and Sheats Group Roles”. The authors explain the different types of people that you find when working in groups. Some are helpful and take charge and others cause disharmony and aren’t liked as much. This relates to Goleman’s article where he talks about different types of people and how there is an “organizer” which is the leader and person that takes charge of the group. I think this article would be helpful for our class to read and possibly be a topic for the midterm. Our entire class is based on group work and learning how each person contributes and trying to cooperate.


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